Surface Duo as possible supplemental laptop

Having followed the news regarding Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Duo device, I was wondering whether this is finally the device one can use instead of a laptop. It seems to me that when used in Compose Mode and with the appropriate soft keyboard (my personal preference is Klaus Weidner’s Hacker’s Keyboard), this could really be a go-to device for writing, coding, SSH’ing and the like.

Most of my blog posts so far have been thumb-typed on my Galaxy Note 8 during breaks, in supermarket lines, etc. A device with a full, un-cramped qwerty keyboard sounds like heaven in comparison. Handwriting or voice recognition doesn’t cut it because of awkwardness and high levels of error.

There are other interesting devices coming out like the Astro Slide from UK-based Planet Computers and the Fxtec Pro1, and I am not counting them out, especially the Astro. However, for the level of buzz generated around this device coming from Microsoft I would expect an execeptionally high level of testing and human engineering.

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