What happened to connecting to server over ssh from mobile?

If one searches for “mobile phone ssh server” or some other such combination, one comes up with quite a few results before 2020, and a sharp drop off afterwards. There are hardly any relevant results from the past three years.

I think the reason for this is that during the epidemic a very large percentage of the potential market for these solutions – knowledge workers looking for ways to connect to their work or would-be entrepreneurs to their personal project servers while on the commute or on their lunch break – have now moved either remote or sufficiently hybrid so as to have all access they want, on a full sized screen and keyboard. The idea of using one’s phone to connect via a mobile app (Termux, JuiceSSH, etc.) to a remote server is now irrelevant. This challenges the business model of companies such as FxTec, or of Planet Computers, which makes some of the more intriguing devices (Communicator, Astro Slide) in this area.

All the above, of course, is really only relevant to the US/North America as most of the OECD has moved significantly back to a full week in office while the US still remains remote or hybrid. However, the US being so overwhelmingly the lead market for new consumer tech, this dries up the innovation for the rest of the world as well.

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