The word ‘simply’ is a red flag

Have you ever googled how to do something and entered a site or post you hoped would give you some help, and somewhere in the instructions you see the words ‘simply’ or ‘just’?

An example would be:

“After selecting the items, simply transfer…”

“Compiling in this environment is no hassle. Just convert…”

Words or phrases like: ‘simply’, ‘just’, ‘it’s easy’, ‘quickly’ are big red flags indicating that the author is glossing over some part they don’t fully understand themselves. It’s a strong indicator of lazy thinking. In fact, the presence of these keywords is practically a guarantee that you will have trouble in that section.

Anytime I see these keywords or something reminiscent I close that webpage. I haven’t the time in this life to fill in the gaps left by some lazy, cruft-spewing person who thinks they deserve to take up online space.

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