My very first comments (too bad they were just spam)

Being a fan of all things command line-ish (there’s nothing like coming fromthe Windows world to make one a fanatical true believer), I like using wp_cli to make my way around wordpress installs. This weekend I entered:

wp comment list

And lo and behold, there were, not one, but two comments!

Trembling with excitement I looked for the comments on my blog awaiting approval. I discovered they were two very similar email addresses, with each offering the same medication sales pitch.

They were posted four days between each other, to the same post.

Update (2019-12-06):

I discovered three more spam comments, in the same vein as the first two. I can hope to be forgiven for looking fondly upon these, as validation that what I write here is good enough to have got the attention of some random spambots.

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