Simple tip for cutting back on smoking

In my previous post on quitting smoking, I mentioned that smoking was a problem that is hard but simple to solve, requiring resolve but not much cognition. In fact, in life it’s much better to develop simple habits than to rely on thinking or willpower. On my path to quitting I developed simple rules to help me reduce my smoking till I eventually stopped completely. I have not smoked for years. You can too. I’m not better than anyone else.

One such habit uses the cigarette pack itself as a means for journaling. Just keep a pen or pencil handy somewhere.

Whenever you take out a cigarette, write down on the pack itself the serial number of that cigarette and the time, like so:

(1) 08:30

(2) 09:45

That’s it. By doing this you will have assumed control over when you smoke your first cigarette, how frequently during the day, and how many altogether during the day. You will start to recognize patterns and to understand yourself better.

This is the first day of your new, in-control life. Go for it!

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