Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Android app on a cheap Chromebook friendlier than RDP on Windows

For whatever reason, when using using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Android app on my cheapo Chromebook to connect through the corporate firewall to my day-job computer, I experience significantly less frequent timeouts than when connecting from my Windows 10 laptop. Windows disconnected after 5 minutes of inactivity. Chromebook disconnected only after a much longer time, although I haven’t gotten around to measuring it.

What I suspect is that company policy forces the frequent timeouts, and is more successful doing so when the connecting OS is Windows.

It could be something else, like default settings that I do not know how to access.

When I bought the Chromebook, I thought of it purely as a web-browsing device. Its winning combination of versatility and stability has surprised me, with the added support for Android apps (not that I use that many, really preferring the web interface, but those few are really helpful), and for printing.

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