Solopreneur personality matrix

I have been thinking about personality traits that may be relevant to startup founders, and the two dimensions that keep coming to mind are, firstly, the extrovert/ introvert dimension and, secondly, that of mental chaos/ calm.

Being an introvert is when you have to invest energy in ‘dealing’ with social situations, rather than being recharged by them, as is the case with the extrovert. I generally abhor meetings and sales, and while I actually enjoy and even look forward to some social interactions, I do find preparing for them to be a draining experience.

Mental chaos, or monkey mind, is something I experience often, except when in ‘flow’. This may be related to the ADHD/hyperfocus dyad. Chaos mind is a real problem, especially when it is necessary to function in a non-optimal environment (noise, lack of personal workspace, interruptions, bullying, etc.) It can prevent progress on tasks, sometimes delaying all progress for years. I think that is why technical founders are so drawn to code: All the static goes away and you are left with something pure and clear.

In light of the above, what are the implications for the technical solopreneur?

I created the following little table to help me:

IntrovertedManage many technical sessions, keep a lot of balls in the airCoder, technical deep focus
ExtrovertedManage many workers, provide leadershipSales, meetings, many short interactions

Counter-intuitively, it was actually the introvert tending to chaotic mentality who would be most drawn to deep coding, as this would simultaneously provide relief from monkey-mind while legitimately providing the avoidance of human interaction.

Yay! I can go back to coding in the basement!

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