What I think this blog is about

Looking back, I can see that I’ve gone over several different kinds of topics in this blog. That makes sense, because I, like everybody I suppose, have more than one dimension to my interests and personality. Even so, I can probably start dividing the subjects into buckets.

I have the coder/semi-hacker bucket, in which I share my experiences in Python, SQL, and other languages and tools that I hope will be my aids in climbing out of my status as knowledge-serf in corporate info systems, with the 0.5-2 year goal of transforming into a minimally self-sufficient solopreneur and the 3-5 year goal of having a thriving business doing good in the world (in the field of my choosing) and being financially secure/independent.

There’s the corporate low-status knowledge-serf bucket, in which I share my generally negative but sometimes darkly humorous experiences working for a non-FAANG medium-sized company and it’s information systems department.

There’s the Asperger/ autism spectrum bucket in which I share some of my thoughts about my adult stage self-diagnosis as having some form of AD or ASD, plus some ancillary childhood trauma.

There is also my long-term attempt to lose weight and to deal with various forms of food addiction, mainly sugar and caffeine. Being an ex-smoker I can say that giving up the sugar-starch-fat combo is a far more complex task than quitting smoking.

The downside I think of having a personal blog which has various topics in it is that one doesn’t achieve good SEO and one tends to attract non helpful comments, probably based on bots sifting out keywords. A personal blog might eventually be useful after a long time in establishing one’s personal brand. But in the first stages it doesn’t seem to make much quality inroads on search engines.

Do all the above answer the question of what this blog is about? No, they summarize the main topics that have surfaced over time.

So in general, this blog will, I think. remain personal, covering a variety of topics that I take a personal interest in. The reason is that this is not a “product”- or business-oriented site. I will open a product-oriented blog/site later this month, which will be completely different in design, tone, and subject matter. Much more focused and more market driven.

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