My search for dark mode

I use a variety of screens. These are necessary both for work (being a developer-ish type of person) and for recreation (as although my true love is printed paper, I realize that I cannot have dead trees everywhere). Having pale/sensitive eyes and living in a overly-bright environment, I cherish my darkness; and so have attempted to achieve dark mode on all devices.

On mobile Android, Opera Browser has the twin advantages of built in dark mode and the best text wrapping I have yet to find in a mobile browser. However, some sites such as behave terribly in datk mode, with completely washed-out text. Chrome has a dark “theme” which doesn’t do anything fot the content of web pages and is worse than useless.

On Windows 10, for browsing I entered chrome://flags and then “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents”. In most cases, this is not a problem. This blog, for example, being mostly plain text, looks okay this way. However, when using Gmail with Simple HTML View, all button text is practically invisible, leaving the button an almost pure white. I work around this by right-clicking and choosing “Inspect element” which gives me the button captions. Clunky but sufficient, though not pleasant.

For remoting from Windows 10 I have putty which is light-on-dark by default.

On my chromebook I unfortunately cannot enforce dark mode on Chrome as I can in Windows 10, which is the main reason I am using it less.

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