“Volunteered” to take vacation time off due to The (Coronavirus) Situation

I was getting ready to go back to work on Monday when I got a conference call with team lead and dept head. Head began by saying “everything’s OK”, which is not usually very assuring to me. To make a long story short, The Situation (economic difficulties due to the coronavirus-caused economic slowdown) was ‘difficult’ and I was requested to use some of my unused vacation days.

Let me start off by stating that if my personal damage from this corona depression adds up to some vacation days sacrificed, I won’t complain. Half my company has already been furloughed (although mostly hourly workers) and probably more will as well. Dept head said that Information Systems is in “a better place” relative to other, customer service departments, and that but still, I understand that everyone will get some hurt.

However: Team lead – not getting hurt. Team lead’s best bud and his number two – not getting hurt. Dept head and other managers and assorted flunkies – not getting hurt. Myself – always showing up one time, not taking time off (hence the stored-up vacation), taking the hardest tasks (including night assignments) – getting some hurt.

Also, I am pessimistic about after vacation is over. This may be a way to get me to use up vacation days in advance of being let go.

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