How the virus situation affects me

The corporate framework in which I work my day job has decreed that as many as possible of workers have to go remote to lessen physical chance of infection. As a first step, 50% have to be remote/work from home, while the other 50% have to show up in the office (this is although all team members have the ability to log in remotely and connect to the various environments). As most things corporate, this has caused schizophrenia between the various levels of management. On the first day one team member (immunocompromised, now working 100% from home) remoted in at 07:30 and began the standard operations daily routine. Department head came in at 08:30, saw the darkened room with no “bums in seats”, and freaked out. Called team lead for a dressing down, who tried explaining, to no avail, that we were completely available online. So we remain divided between remote and brick-and-mortar presence.
However, I think that the situation will worsen very quickly, with almost complete ban on travel. I took upon myself to digitize our checklists, with an eye to eventually making them “webbish” (not always the best solution, sometimes a local excel is better).

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