Setting up admin (and other email) on my self-hosted WordPress blog using mailgun

In keeping with my occasionally kept promise to record my progress on my way to wherever it is I’m going, here is my documentation of how I got email working on my self-hosted WP site using free gmail and free mailgun.

first of all I didn’t even know how to change the default admin email on my blog.I guess you all know that you go to settings->General and then you scroll down to Administration Email Address. You then get the default address, which is a “hello” followed by the site name.

I wondered, what should I do? Put my personal gmail address? Be a smart-ass and try to forward that default email to my Gmail?

Now I wouldn’t even be thinking about this at all, but now each time I log into my admin site there’s a scary message saying that I have to update my admin email, that it’s important blah blah.

I don’t really mind futzing with it now, because I know from the blogs that I read and podcasts I listen to that being good with email is a definite asset in marketing and selling your product, or in building an audience.

So that nagging message whenever I login is actually a pretty good forcing function.

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