Returning to work after two weeks of vacation

After two weeks of vacation, I returned to work. There were several things that struck me right away, first was how much better my eyesight was. Things that had been blurred regularly were now noticeably sharper. After three days this sharpness disappeared and again i had blurry vision. In addition, after returning to work I was struck by how noisy everything seemed. The radio was blaring too loud, the open window let in noise from the highway and a blowing hot wind. I drove home at the end of the workday with my ears ringing, the tinnitus at full blast. In addition, after two or three days I began craving sweets again to a degree much higher than I had required at home. Lastly, what I noticed was how much less productive I was sitting at my desk. I found it very difficult to concentrate on anything worthwhile, I found myself in my smartphone again and again browsing worthless news sites. I craved sweets. I felt extremely uncomfortable physically = too hot, too much noise, too many micro-aggressions. The drive to work and back was an ordeal. Traffic jams, aggressive drivers, the need to obsessively check traffic apps again and again to make sure there were no accidents on my way home.

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